Here is the basic family tree so far and numbered according to generations.
Also below are some recent Family photos. Sources for this information came from Hilda Weatherly Eckhoff Miller, Amelia Weatherly Greene, MaryAlice Walker, The Winecoff Fire website (and book of that name by Sam Heys and Allen Goodwin),, and of course Google. Want to take part in a family project? Click Here!

1. THOMAS WEATHERLY (b. 1695, d. 3/28/1749 St. John's Parish, Colleton Co., SC); Married Sarah Waight, most likely in Charleston, SC.

2. WILLIAM WEATHERLY (b. 1730, d. 5/19/1761, Charleston, SC); Married Sarah Cole

3. ISAAC WEATHERLY (b. 1756); Maried Statira Cook (b. 10/21/1761 in Wallingford, CT; d. Charleston, SC)

4. WILLIAM W. WEATHERLY (b. 5/16/1786 in SC; d. 2/26/1866 in Lone Oak, Hunt County, TX); Married Elizabeth Smith, 5/16/1811 in Clarke County (Athens), Georgia. Elizabeth was born in SC and daughter of Joseph and Sarah Smith. The 1820 Georgia census showed the Weatherlys as a family of five children and 2 other elderly adults in residence, with no slaves. The only two know children are William Sanford and Statirah Elizabeth

5. WILLIAM SANFORD WEATHERLY (b. 3/12/1812 in Clarke County, GA, d. 12/3/1889 in Clarke County and buried at Oconee Hill Cemetery); Married Elizabeth Nance, daughter of John Nance (b. 5/24/1779; d. 1884 in Clarke County) and Christine Betty Ryan (b. 1785, d. 1847). Two known children were William A. and Mary Elizabeth (b. 1843 in Clarke County).

6. WILLIAM A. "WILLIE" WEATHERLY (b. 1851 in Oglethorpe Co.); Married Lula Callaway (b. 12/16/1855 in LaGrange, GA, d. 11/10/1927 and buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Atlanta, GA) on September 14th, 1876. They had five children, all supposedly born in Clarke County, Georgia: Ernest Benedict, George Malcom, Ruth Elizabeth, William Earl, and Eugene.

7a. ERNEST BENEDICT "E.B." WEATHERLY (b. 4/15/1882, d. 12/7/1946); Married Bessie Amelia Howze (b. 4/20/1885, d. 6/19/1975), daughter of William H. Howze and Emma E. Howze. Wedding took place July 25, 1903. Ernest and Bessie had six children: E.B. Jr., Evelyn (b. 1908), Cora Eunice, Albert Sydney, Bessie Amelia (b. 1920), and Jack Malcomb, all supposedly born in Cochran, Georgia. Ernest, Sr., was a Macon lawyer who got through school selling typewriters during the day and going to Mercer University at night. He later was president of the Senior Law School. In 1930, E.B. bought a 4,500-acre cotton farm by the Ocmulgee River in in Cochran and moved his family there so he could at least feed them during the coming hard times. He did well, conveting the farm to raising Angus cows, Hampshire hogs, and Corriedale sheep for both food and breeding. His younger brother, William Earl was in charge of the hired labor force and lived with his family of four on the farm in a small house until his death in 1932. By 1934, the U.S. Agricultural Adjustment Administration appointed E.B. to a beef industry committee that he would later chair. Ernest was in Atlanta to ask the General Assembly to increase appropriations for the cattle industry when he fell from his room on the tenth floor during the worst hotel fire in US history at the Winecoff on December 7, 1946.
E. B. & Bessie's children have all passed away except for Bessie Amelia (b. 1920) who currently lives in St. Simons Island and Macon, GA. Older brother Albert Sydney went to The Citadel Military Academy in S.C. After E.B.'s death in 1946, Bessie turned over the farm to Jack who then apparently made some bad descisions that led to loss of the farm and business. More information is needed!

7b. GEORGE MALCOLM WEATHERLY (b. 4/6/1884, d. 1/24/1923 in Rabun County, GA); Married Fannie Mable York on April 14, 1915. George had a debilitating disease, supposedly TB, and died at age 39 the NE Georgia mountains at the famous York House Inn where he had moved with his bride to take over operations from her mother Molly York. They had three children: George, Jr., Bee Weatherly Broderick, and Katherine Vaughn. More information is needed on the family.

7c. RUTH ELIZABETH WEATHERLY CUDABAC (b. 10/6/1890, d. ?); Married Ralf Elvira Cudabac on June 4th, 1916 and moved to Atlanta. They had at least one son, and more information is needed on this family.

7d. WILLIAM EARL WEATHERLY (b. 8/24/1892 near Athens, GA; d. 6/23/1932 in Bellville, GA and burried at Brewton Cemetery, Hagan, GA). Married Georgia Marion Wood (b. 9/29/1892 in Manassas, GA; d. 11/29/1978 in Savannah, GA and buried at Brewton Cemetery 12/1/78) on June 9th, 1919. Earl was working for R.L. Moss Manufacturing Company (lumber yard) in Athens, GA when he married Marion. Later he worked for his brother Ernest B. in both West Lake, GA at the Shellstone Operating Company and in Cochran, GA where he was then foreman of Ernest's farm labor force at the time of his shooting death. Earl and Marion also lived and owned a house in College Park, GA near Atlanta where Earl was able to get work at a nearby lumbermill. They had two children, who were born in Manassas, GA on the farm of Marion's parents, William Henry "Willie" Wood (b. 2/7/1855, d. 2/15/1933 and buried in Brewton Cemetery) and Alice Parker Wood (b. 4/13/1866, d. 2/27/1947 and also buried at Brewton). Marion had five sisters and one brother: Roger (b. 7/11/1890, d. 8/6/1952), Birdie (b. 12/25/1894, d. ?), Nellie Alice (b. 8/13/1896, d. ?), Clara Barton (b. 3/8/1900, d. ?), and Mary Caroline (b. 5/13/1904, d. 10/15/1981). Three children - Edna, Dewey, and "Willie" Herman all died in infancy. The children born at the Manassas farm to Earl and Marion were Hilda (b. 4/21/20 in Manassas, GA, currently living in Birmingham, AL) and William Earl Jr. (b. 11/12/1921 in Manassas, d. 1/30/1990 in Savannah, GA).

7e. EUGENE WEATHERLY (b. 4/20/1894, d. 1/24/1923?); Married Lee Thurman on August 23rd, 1923(?). Not much else is known about "Uncle Gene" except that he became a doctor and died after a fall down a flight of steps. We feel certain the young couple had no children, but more information is needed.

8a. BESSIE AMELIA WEATHERLY GREENE (b. 1920, living in GA); Married ? Greene and had three sons: Warren (b. 1947), William "Bill" Elliot, and Ernest.

8b. GEORGE WEATHERLY, JR. - Married Carolyn Ussery and lived in Clayton, GA. Died at age 48 in the early 1970's and was survived by his widow, one daughter, Deborah Ann Weatherly and his two sisters, Bee of Glasgow, VA, and Katherine of Thomasville, GA.

8c. HILDA WEATHERLY ECKHOFF MILLER (b. 4/21/1920, living in Birmingham, AL); Married Albert Eckhoff, lived in Savannah, GA, and had two children: Pamela and Michael. Later married Richard Miller and lived for several months in Hilton Head, SC before Richard died suddenly. Hilda now lives in a retirement community in Birmingham, and supplied most of the pictures seen here. Thanks Aunt Hilda!

8d. WILLIAM EARL WEATHERLY (b. 11/12/1921, d. 1/30/1990 and buried in Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah); Married Barbara Cannon in Savannah on 11/11/1950; daughter of John Respess Cannon and Irma Wilson Cannon. they lived in Savannah and had two children: William [Michael] Craig and Barbara Page. Earl served in the Navy from 1942 to 1946 and recieved degrees from both Armstrong State College and Georgia Tech. He was employed by various architectural firms, the Corp of Engineers, had his own private practice for many years, and was elected president of the South Georgia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) in 1962. he is best known, however, for his role in establishing the Savnnah Arts Festival in 1960 which grew into a yearly success for the city of Savannah. He won the Oglethorpe Trophy in May, 1966 for his contributions.

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Descendants of William Earl Weatherly, Sr. and Marion Wood Weatherly
(click on each picture to enlarge)
(L-R) The Weatherlys in1930; Hilda Weatherly Eckhoff Miller today;
Hilda & daughter Pam Lindsay; Mike Eckhoff
The Weatherlys in 1930  Hilda Weatherly Eckhoff Miller  Hilda & daughter Pam  Michael Eckhoff

(L-R) Earl Weatherly, Jr. circa 1942; Craig & wife Soma;
First cousins Craig Weatherly & Mike Eckhoff; Pam, Mike & Craig in 1954
Earl, age 21  Craig Weatherly & wife Soma  Craig & Mike  Cousins

(L-R) Soma & Craig Weatherly (aka Michael Craig),
Barbara Weatherly McWaters, Page Weatherly Dawson
soma, Craig, Mom & Page

(L-R) Christmas, 2000 in Dandridge, TN: Christopher Thompson (Page's son), Soma, Craig, Page, Roy McWaters (Barbara's 2nd husband), Barbara, and Page's son Patrick.
Christmas in Dandridge, TN

(L-R) Page and son Chris; Chris & Carrie Thompson, son Patrick who is now in the Navy;
and Page's husband Harry Dawson.
Page & Chris  Chris & Carrie  Patrack Thompson  Harry Dawson

We invite all relatives to submit photos (in JPG format please) so that we can create an online archive. I'm also looking for someone to take over and continue this project.

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